We are offering two different intern schemes

You can either apply to be a Ministry Experience Scheme intern or a Future Youth Intern.

With the Ministry Experience scheme you’ll get to experience different aspects of church life and ministry. With the Future Youth intern scheme you’ll have a specific focus and training on working with children and young people.

Please note: we can only accept applications from UK citizens.

Click on the relevant button below to download an application form

“This year I am wanting to dive deeper into the realities of ministry, in both its expanse and practicalities, and so far I am absolutely loving it.”

Eve, 2nd Year MES Intern 2023/24

“One highlight particularly for me is actually getting involved with the Children and Young people and getting to know each individually. I can see them growing spiritually whilst having a great time learning about God.”

Lily-Beth, Future Youth Intern 2023/24