Want to know what it’s like to be an intern with us? Read below to find out more about this year’s interns…

“I am Eleanor (Nell for short) I’m 21. I studied history but my first love is music. I favour a traditional style of worship and the Book of Common Prayer is very important to me. I was at a loose end after finishing university and wanted to discern God’s will for my life. Working in a variety of different roles (pastoral visits, building upkeep, children’s and families ministry, pioneer ministry and so on) is giving me a great insight into where my talents lie and where I can best serve God’s people.

I am looking forward to leading the All-Age service at the ; singing monthly Evensong at a nearby church; helping to restart a local mothers-and-tots group; and hopefully doing some more school visits.”

” Hi 😊 I am Jessica from Taiwan! I have always wanted to go abroad to step out my comfort zone, meet new people and embrace life. This year is the year that I decided to take a tiny step from Taiwan to England ✨ I am looking forward to gaining experiences of cross-cultural learning about serving God and people through different perspectives.

You will never know what it is like to live out braveness unless you pluck up your courage! Just go for it”

Lily-Beth Future Youth Intern  “One thing I’d like to do during my internship is inspire and enrich young people with creativity and enrich them with the word of God in ways that are accessible for everyone. One way I could do this is through music. As a Musician Worship is very important to me, and having young people engage with Worship is a blessing as it’s an opportunity for them to express their feelings in a passionate manner…NYLP is a great project for people like me who want to explore what their calling is whilst following on with their spiritual journey along the way.”

“I am Paul from Estonia. I have worked in IT for 6 years and I enjoy climbing and playing games with friends. I think we were called by God to England, to try mission work and have an adventure, meet new people and enjoy a different culture. I look forward to see what God has in store for us this year.”

“I am Anna-Katariina from Estonia. This year I am interning together with my husband Paul. I wanted to do the internship year, because there is so much to learn about God from other cultures. I also felt like God was inviting me to have this kind of adventure with him this year, which has proved to be true so far. I am looking forward to meeting more fantastic English people and opportunities to put my trust in God and let him lead me into different sort of adventures.”